Hojlund would like to see Eriksen play more.

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Manchester United striker Rasmus Hojlund admits he would like to see fellow midfielder Christian Eriksen play more. But I understand that the club has many good players.

    The Denmark midfielder has started just nine of 28 Premier League games this season. He recently gave an interview saying he was dissatisfied with his role as a reserve and had already discussed the matter with “Red Devils” boss Eric ten Hag.

    Eriksen played as a substitute in the FA Cup game against Liverpool before the international break, and Hoylund was happy to see his senior on the field and hopes to play more.

    “I myself was on the bench in Copenhagen, so I know how it feels,” Hojlund told โปรโมชั่น ufabet during a friendly match. “But he holds his head up high and he is a classy player. There is no doubt about that.”

    “I have no concerns about that at all. Of course you want to play football and I’m sure he is the same way. But he trains well and has a positive attitude which helps a lot. So it’s not a big deal. He is a true professional.”

    “It was great that he played against Liverpool and I thought he did really well. When I entered the field He is a good player. So you want to see him play. But we have a lot of good players. So it is up to the coach to decide whether he will play or not.”