Robertson urges teammate to improve form.

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Andrew Robertson captain of the Scottland national team, was very disappointed in the result of the friendly game losing 0-4 to the Netherlands yesterday because he was lucky enough not to be lured half a dozen times. Therefore, he encourages all parties to raise their level of form because if they are neglected, their status in Euro 2024 will probably just be an ornament.

‘Tartan’ did not win every competition in a row, 6 matches, including the game at the Johan Cruyff Arena, with the ball being beaten on one side, which if ‘Oranye’ were sharper, they would have won no less than six. child 

Of course, the left-back from Liverpool was annoy with his team’s performance on the field. To the point of predicting the future if you still lack motivation. A mid-year tournament in Germany would probably only have 3 separate games. 

“I feel both angry and disappointed,” he told ทางเข้า ufabet.

“We cannot compete with the big teams. and had to fall into their way.” 

“You have to play with focus from start to finish. When they couldn’t do it, walking off the field losing 0-4 was incredible. There was no way that this kind of result could be allow to happen. I have to go back and consider myself.” 

“The last few games the team conceded a basket of goals. Anyone who sees the results of the competition probably thinks that they were single-sidedly beaten. It is necessary to pay attention and solve the problem.” 

“Over the last six matches our standards have dropped. Last night’s game deserved to lose 0-6. We need to get back to winning ways.”

“We have to be decisive, we have to knock our opponents out of the way – we don’t want to just be a nation that can make it to the finals of the tournament, but we want to be able to go and be able to stay in contention.”

Team manager Steve Clarke still has a warm-up game to make amends for being the home team. Northern Ireland (26 Mar.)